Work Tote Essentials

I’m always carrying something, somewhere. For a while, I was stuffing my lunch, mail, laptop, iPad, and a million other things in several bags to work. Sometimes I used reuseable cloth bags and even plastic grocery store bags. This summer, I decided enough was enough and bought a couple of large totes from both Target and Goodwill’s blue boutique.  These have been such a lifesaver.

Here’s a peek inside my work tote essentials with links to buy similar items:

First, consider a tote large enough to fit your laptop.
You can buy an inexpensive tote for $30 or lessor invest in a large genuine leather work tote with a zipper .

A notebook and pen. This is my life. If I ever lost this notebook I think I would grieve for a few weeks. It’s basically my day to day diary of to-do lists, ideas, thoughts, goals. You name it.

Thank you cards. You never know when you need to send out a quick thank you card after a meeting or lunch. Having them in my tote allows me to get it out of the way right as I’m thinking about it. Plus, timely thank you cards are crucial! I carry funny ones for people who would appreciate the humor and professional ones for people I probably shouldn’t be saying “freakin’ thanks” to.
These thank you cards are pretty funny or you can send a simple thank you with these cards. 

Stamps. Always. But cute ones of course. A few of my go-to stamps are the fern stamps and the From Me To You stamps.

A folder for miscellaneous papers. There’s nothing that irks me more than miscellaneous sheets of paper everywhere. This could be a receipt or an important document you need but doesn’t really merit an entire folder. I stick all of those things in a miscellaneous folder.

A laptop sleeve for folders.There are a number of folders I access on a weekly basis; tax expenses, house related stuff, paperwork for the boutique. These are things I know I’ll need at any given moment so instead of filing them in our home office, I keep the folders with me neatly organized in a laptop case.

Mail. Ugh, the sight of mail accumulating at home makes me anxious. I simply grab the mail every night and stick it in the laptop case inside my tote. I usually go through it over lunch. Just don’t forget you have a stack of mail in your tote! That could be dangerous.

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