#LittleThrifts: Why I love secondhand Halloween costumes for kids

Even after all of these years of thrifting, I’m still shocked by the number of new and like-new costumes at thrift stores. Here are four reasons why I love to shop secondhand for kids’ costumes.

The Variety

Step into a Goodwill around the months of September and October and within five minutes you will understand why you should reconsider buying a costume at full retail price. Goodwill and other local thrift store are bursting with fantastic costumes for kids. Everything from oh-so-adorable infant costumes to on-trend characters. When dressing up a child for Halloween, it’s important to ensure that they’re comfortable and warm enough. Halloween is a great opportunity to dress as your favorite character, but it’s also important that your child is happy in their costume. When dressing their children up, many parents will resort to kigurumi costumes as they are comfortable and warm, ensuring the child is content throughout the night. Kigurumi costumes have become extremely popular all around the world, with people purchasing them for Halloween or for everyday use. Children can be an extraordinary display of cuteness when they dress as their favorite character, so parents better have their camera ready!

Unless you come from a large family like mine where costumes were recycled among siblings until we all grew out of them, chances are the kids are only wearing them a handful of times. That’s why you can absolutely find characters and themes that are still relevant like Toy Story costumes, in addition to classic costumes that never go out of style like pumpkins, doctors, and so on.

Endless possibilities for DIY creations

Every costume I’ve worn as an adult has been a DIY creation or pieced together with finds from my closet and secondhand stores. You don’t have to be super crafty to DIY a costume – because trust me, I’m not! I seek inspiration online, using guides like this one for a Colonel Sanders from KFC costume. It is actually really fun spending time shopping for different parts and building a costume together. It also gives you massive satisfaction when people ask where you got the costume from and you are able to say that you made it yourself and that it cost next to nothing! I make a list of things I think I can find at Goodwill and keep my wish list handy when I’m thrifting. It’s such a thrill when it all comes together like my mommy and me Cruella de Vil costume.

Thrifting a Halloween costume teaches kids the value of bargain shopping

Taking your kid(s) with you to Goodwill to pick out their costume can be a fun activity for the family (if they are old enough!) It teaches them not only how to become excellent bargain hunters, but more importantly the value of secondhand shopping – especially for something they will only wear a few times. Ask them to think of a few costume ideas in advance, set a spending budget, and head to a couple of thrift stores and see what you can find. This is a great opportunity to teach them how to navigate a thrift store and look for items that are on sale using the color tagging system.

Perfect place to get a costume for that infant photo op

Let’s be real: aren’t most of us are buying Halloween costumes for our 6 month old babies for the adorable photo op? I know I did! Infant costumes can cost upwards of $30 at regular retail stores but you can get them for fraction of that price at places like Goodwill. All of the infant costumes I spotted at Goodwill Akron was either brand new or like-new condition, most likely worn once or twice for parents to take a photo of the baby. I picked up a Dalmatian for my little girl and a lion for my nephew.

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