Leather, Florals & Henna


I’ve had this silk top for seven years and only wore it twice. I’m not really sure why because it’s so versatile. I paired it with a leather jacket to contrast both the floral print and the pretty colors, and wore cheetah print flats simply because they were there and comfortable for running around on a Saturday afternoon. It wasn’t until after posting this that I realized that I’m wearing snake skin, florals, leather, and cheetah print. If I believed in “fashion rules” I think it would be safe to say I broke every single one.

I can’t wait to wear this top this summer, I can already think of at least three different ways to wear it. I’m loving these faux henna tattoos lately because they are the perfect accessory! I remember not liking henna growing up in the Middle East and refusing to get it done on my hands and feet.  Now I’d give anything for a professional to do it the way they did back home.


{forever 21 jacket • urban outfitters top via gabriel brothers • thrifted bolo tie necklace}


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