Thrifting 101: Shopping Often

Navigating a thrift store is a unique task, but not an impossible one.  After many years of thrift shopping,  I’ve found that the secret is, there is no big secret. Rather, I follow a few simple tips and guidelines that have helped me develop successful thrifting habits and allowed me to replicate outfits from the runway and fashion magazines at a fraction of the cost!

Tip: Shop Often
If you ever find yourself roaming around aimlessly at Goodwill,  don’t worry you’re not alone. A way to avoid this it to shop often.  I’m certainly not encouraging you to spend money frivolously on items you don’t need. But in order to feel more comfortable navigating a thrift store it really helps to visit Goodwill on a regular basis. I recommend going at least twice a month. You don’t necessarily have to buy something each time, but walking around and familiarizing yourself with the store will help you develop stronger thrifting skills. When you visit or shop often, you become more comfortable and familiar with things like the store layout, the tagging system, and special discounts. Sometimes it takes several trips to find what you’re looking for, but I’d argue that  it takes a little persistence regardless of where you like to shop, whether that would be a department or regular retail store.  Don’t let the first unsuccessful trip discourage you from going back.

The Outfit: Pinterest Inspired
I’m always looking for ankle pants for workwear so I was thrilled when I found a pair of burgundy Target brand ankle pants with the tags still attached. These retail for $30 and I scored them at Goodwill for $8!  Once I took the pants home, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration on how to style them. There were dozens of ideas but I was drawn to the black and burgundy combo from this beautiful blogger. Because I wanted something a little cozier than a blazer and because I love making old things new again, I opted for an oversized 1980s sweater from Goodwill for $3.

The Thrifty Details: 
Sweater | Goodwill in North Olmsted | $3
Pants | Goodwill in North Olmsted | $8
Boots | Goodwill in Canal Fulton | $5
Clutch | Goodwill in Canal Fulton | $2


Store Spotlight: North Olmsted: 
Living in Akron, I don’t always get to make it up north to thrift shop often. However, when I do, I love to go to the North Olmsted store (23100 Lorain Rd). This location is huge yet extremely organized. The toy section was also a family favorite; my sister found several toys for my niece and nephew for less than $5.

You can follow Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio here:
To find a Goodwill Cleveland & Canton store, click here.

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