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Thrift Thursday: Little Stevie Wonder The Twelve Year Old Genius

{another bathtub shot}

I always find great vinyl records when thrift shopping, but nothing as great as this $0.50 find from the Habitat  for Humanity ReStore. This live album was recorded in Chicago by Stevie Wonder on harmonica in 1962 when he was only 12 years old, and includes one of his most famous songs, Fingertips. I’m a huge Stevie Wonder fan so thankfully, the record was still in decent shape when I found it. If you collect vinyl, I recommend you check out the Habitat ReStore in North Canton for some awesome finds. Also, check out my local vinyl guide here.

{pretty sure I wasn’t recording any albums at 12 like Stevie. Instead, I was intentionally wearing mismatched socks and watching Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper}
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