Thrift Score: $1 Utility Jacket

If you want to experience the ultimate thrill of thrifting, go on a sale day. Better yet, go on Dollar Day if your area offers it.

Here’s the thing: I rarely thrift shop without a discount or coupon. Every now and then I’ll buy something at full price but I always keep an eye out for in-store discounts, coupons, and rewards programs. For example, locally here in Akron the Village Discount Outlet offers special deal days throughout the week: as it stands now, Sunday is Dollar Day where select items are you guessed it, one dollar. Goodwill Akron periodically mails coupons if you’re on their mailing list, they also send out a weekly newsletter highlighting special in-store deals. Next time you’re at Goodwill Akron or one of Cleveland’s Goodwill stores, be sure to sign up for their free rewards card to begin accumulating rewards every time you shop.

Utility jackets are one of my absolute favorite fall staples. I love how incredibly versatile they are! That’s why I was pumped when I found this one for $1. Since they are somewhat masculine, I like to even it out with a feminine top like a floral blouse or lace dress. You can shop some of my favorite styles around the web below.

Shop the Look:

Jacket: Thrifted $1
Shirt: Walmart $10
Jeans: Old Navy (shop exact)


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