Thrift it Fix it: The Power of the Tuck

Thanks to a reader suggestion on Instagram, we’re launching a new segment called Thrift it Fix it on Dina’s Days. Often times, bloggers only show the finished look and we rarely give you the behind the scenes process of getting dressed. In this new series, I’ll show you why an outfit didn’t work and the steps I took to fix it! I love this topic because we all run into this issue when we’re styling ourselves and sometimes all it takes is a simple fix to go from nay to yay! I encourage you to follow Dina’s Days on Instagram to catch these posts on my stories.

The pieces

The Fix

I was so excited to wear this cardigan and knew I wanted to pair it with a simple gray tee, but something looked off when I paired the two together. I did a quick shirt tuck and quickly realized what the problem was. The over-sized fit of the cardigan called for a more fitted and streamlined tee. Next, as much as I wanted to wear the perforated ankle boots, things just looked too busy down there since my jeans have a raw hem at the ankles. I swapped the boots for perforated nude flats to show more of my foot, making more room for the ankle detail to shine!