Thrift Challenge No.7: Thrifting for Men

Blazer: Goodwill on Waterloo Rd $4
Dickie’s chambray shirt: Goodwill on Waterloo Rd $2
Calvin Klein jeans: Village Discount Outlet on Waterloo Rd $10
Shoes: not thrifted
Pocket square: DIY

I’ve got to hand it to Katie for being so creative. Had she never suggested we switch up the thrift challenge to include the men (and boys) in our lives, I would have never challenged myself to step outside of my thrifting comfort zone. For July, we set out to recreate super stylish outfits for “The Dans.”

{this is his “I don’t know what to do” face}
Katie assigned a look for my Dan complete with a tan blazer and chambray shirt. I’ve searched the Internet high and low and can’t find the original source to this photo, but after a little iPhone zooming, I came to the conclusion that this model is wearing jeans, so we went with denim for the bottom half.

Dan is a professional jazz musician so this outfit was perfect for a casual gig. I swear by chambray shirts for both men and women because they are quite possibly the most versatile piece anyone can own, plus they are readily available at the thrift store; I found this shirt on the first try at Goodwill in Akron.

Although the selection is substantially limited for men compared to women, quality denim for men was surprisingly easy to find. My first round at the Village Discount Outlet was a mega success; everything I grabbed was designer denim at ridiculously low prices (think $5) but I drew a blank and jumbled all of the sizes in my head and I couldn’t reach him (I’m the worst person to take lunch orders for the office if you don’t write it down, by the way). Because I’m trying hard not to thrift things I don’t need / unsure of,  I missed a great opportunity to score some awesome denim.
No worries though, we headed back together the second time around to ensure the denim and blazer fit properly. We found a pair of Calvin Klein jeans 30 seconds into our trip at the Village then took a short trip down the street to Goodwill for a blazer; which we found right away!

I took Ahmad’s advice and cut a piece of fabric down to size for the pocket square. I used fabric from this diy project. 

The thrift store is quite possibly the last place Dan would ever want to be, and honestly the last place I want for us to be together; I’m a solo shopper and he’s a never shopper. With that said, both trips were very successful, he even rested his eyes as I did the bulk of the thrifting.

I think the only thing Dan dislikes more than shopping is getting his photo taken model style and having to fake a smile. One thing led to another and before I knew it he was outside with his crossbow saying one day the tables will be turned and I’ll be out in the woods with him in camo gear in exchange for his style feature on the blog.

Keep dreaming…just keep on dreaming.

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