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The Worst Thing That Could Get Caught in Your Braces

I was told by a few close people that  the story about peeing my pants at the roller rink was a nice break from style, recipe, and do it yourself posts. It’s true, sometimes posting about miscellaneous life events is not only a nice break for readers but for me as well. The funny part, those are the hardest to think of! I realized though, the beauty about these posts, and the ones I love reading the most are the simplest and most honest posts.

You want honest? Well, I’ll be 29 next month and I have adult braces. I’ve had a gap in my front teeth my entire life. I hardly ever thought about it growing up until I started to hate it in my 20s. When I was finally financially able, I made the second most expensive purchase of my life. Basically, I’m walking around with a used Toyota in my mouth. This was the best decision I have ever made. We have plans to remove them in a few short months and I will be walking around with an endless supply of Sour Patch Kids in my purse and smiling at every stranger in the street.

If you’ve ever had braces, you know what a huge pain it is to eat. Spinach salad for lunch? Why, it’s a blast. Corn on the cob? Good luck. I’ve grown accustomed to the food at this point and know when and when not to reach for certain foods depending on the situation and who I’m with – I’ve learned not to eat salads at work luncheons, for example. I’ve had my scarf get caught on my brackets and have to be very careful when I wear bright lipstick. However, recently the worst thing that could have possibly got stuck in my braces did:

A bug.

I was flying down a hill on my bike, with my mouth open for some reason?,  and bam a bug went in my mouth, died instantly, and was hanging out in my brackets. I fiercely spat and tried to get this nasty thing out of my brackets and it proved to be much harder than I thought.

We’ve all swallowed a bug at some point in time. But a bug in your braces? That’s the last thing I expected when I made the decision to walk around looking like a 12 year old. Don’t underestimate the power of brackets. Although I laughed hysterically about it after the fact, I learned my lesson: ride with mouth closed at all times.

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