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Episode 1 Show Notes: The top thrift store finds that still take our breath away

Welcome to our new podcast! Allow us to Rethriftrodeuce Ourselves is a podcast about two friends (Shannon and me, Dina) and our thriftventures. I’ve been blogging here on Dina’s Days for a long time and felt it was time to rethriftroduce myself, if you will on a new platform. We’re one of about four podcasts dedicated to secondhand shopping, so we’re excited to explore this new space with you!

In our first episode, we talk about our thrifting origin stories, how thrifting made a huge mainstream comeback, the difference between a thrift formula and strategy, and the secondhand items that still “take our thrift away,” despite decades of thrifting. Keep reading to see what they are!

Things that stop Shannon in her tracks:

• Fiestaware
• Cat spam!
• Trolls
• Unique textures and prints, particularly mushrooms and hearts
• Holiday items

Things that stop Dina in her tracks

• Quirky clothes for kids
• Pink vintage glassware
• Anything that reminds me of Blanche from the Golden Girls, 80s glam sequin dresses
• Coats, particularly capes
• Shoes
• Chairs, specifically pink or mid-century mod chairs

Links from this episode

• The ugliest troll you’ve ever seen
• Thrift stores mentioned in this episode:
Goodwill Akron in Streetsboro
Pink Hotline Thrift Store
Seville Community Yard Sale
Village Discount Outlet

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