How to remove scuffs from Dr. Martens boots

I recently found a pair of Dr. Martens at the Goodwill Outlet that were scuffed. They were only $10 and Docs have been on my thrift wish list for a long time, so it was worth a try to clean them up. I reached out on Instagram and asked for tips on how to clean Dr. Martens and the majority of the responses suggested Mr. Clean eraser. Mr.

Thrift it or Ditch it

Did we thrift it or ditch it? We share thrift finds and try to guess if the other person thrifted it or left it behind.

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Estate Sale Shopping Tips

Just like thrifting, scoring at estate sales requires a little practice, patience, and strategy. We reached out to listeners and followers on Instagram for your best tips and tricks for shopping estate sales and share them in this episode.

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8 tips for shopping an estate sale from Serendipitous Lizzie: https://serendipitouslizzie.home.

How to thrift a look for less

This month’s thrift theme is to style a look for less! Dina shares her simple tips for recreating celeb and runway-inspired looks using thrifted pieces.

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