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Style File: Accessorize Solid Dresses

Over the last couple of months it seems like  I’ve had a number of local events to attend that required some type of formal attire. With daily expenses being so high lately (hello, $70 weekly gas tank) I decided that I will not be buying anything new to wear, but rather using my outrageous and unnecessary collection of accessories to enhance the items I already own. During this process, I realized that I was having entirely way too much fun accessorizing solid colored pieces, specifically dresses. I almost went out and bought a new dress for the Fashion Week Cleveland gala event, but decided against it and instead layered gold bangles and necklaces to spice up a solid purple dress. (Check out photos on our Facebook page!)

{left to right, top to bottom}
{mango pencil dress
, pink pintuck dress, stretch satin dress, black magic dress }
{ethno necklace, antik batik uta bone bracelets, zoe&morgan golden fifi earrings, forever 21 rings }
  1. The colors in the statement necklace coordinate well with the orange dress. The shape of the dress allows for a loud necklace to lay perfectly on the neckline. 
  2. Sleeveless dresses are begging for bangles. Excessive bangles are my solution for everything. I make a lot of noise when I move around, but hey who cares. 
  3. Strapless = loud, big earrings. Necklaces always go well with strapless, but I love to wear large earrings with strapless anything. 
  4. With this black dress, I thought of large cocktail rings. I could go on for days on what I would accessorize with a black dress, but this one in particular I thought of rings (and of course, you guessed it-bangels.) 
How do you accessorize solid pieces?

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