Ten Conveniences for the Modern Mom

I work full-time outside of the home so my limited time with Jeneen is very valuable. When I returned to work after maternity leave, I found myself spending so much time on the weekends getting caught up on things around the house when I could have been spending quality time with baby. Here are ten modern conveniences that have changed my #momlife:

Grocery Delivery & Pickup

Grocery pickup is great, but have you tried delivery?! We switch between these two often depending on how busy our week is but delivery isn’t as expensive as I expected it to be. The fee from our local grocery store ranges from $5-$10 depending on the time and day of delivery. I’m pretty sure I spend an extra $10 just waiting in the check out line on magazines and snacks. #justsayin. Another option is Shipt. This app partners with stores in your area for grocery delivery! Here’s $50 off your membership to get you started.

Home Cleaning Service

Shopping secondhand for most everything we need frees up some space for me to splurge on something like this and boy is it worth every penny. You can get Renew Crew Pressure Washing to come around and help clean that fence around your garden, and it’d make such a difference! Personally, we use a local cleaning service once a month ($150) for a top-to-bottom cleaning of every room and bathroom in our house, and they do a better job than I ever would. If I had to cut back on any of the other conveniences, this would be the last to go. As well as getting people to care for the interior of my home, I often use services that look after the exterior too. Services like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Indianapolis can help to keep my guttering in check and stop unsightly blockages from becoming potential sources of water damage in the future. A house with clean gutters looks far more presentable than those without, it’s amazing the difference that it makes.

Scan & Go Stores like Sam’s Club

We go to Sam’s Club for a once-a-month big haul for bulk items like toilet paper and we use the scan app to avoid the long check-out lines with a baby in tow. Simply add your credit card and Sam’s Club membership to the app and scan every item in your cart. We are in and out in a flash. If you’ve maxed out your credit card previously and have a poor credit history to show for it, you may still be able to use Sam’s Club by reading this blog here. Hopefully, this will help you apply for another credit card, even if you don’t have a very positive credit background. Revolutionary, I tell you! Also, Sam’s Club just added a home-delivery service but I haven’t used it yet.

Online Subscription Services for Essential Items

I like Target’s in-store stock and save option where you spend a certain amount and get a gift card, however, I also utilize Amazon’s subscription and Target’s Restock online option to have monthly essentials like diapers and wipes are automatically mailed to us. I love not having to worry about running out of diapers or wipes.

Online Food Subscription Services – Hello Fresh

Every week when our Hello Fresh box arrives, I ask myself why we didn’t do this a year ago when Jeneen was a newborn! Hello Fresh and other online food services saved us so much time in meal planning and shopping. I simply select our meals online and every week we get a box of fresh ingredients for meals I honestly would have never spent the time or energy trying to cook. Ever buy a tub of sour cream only to use 1/4 cup and the rest just rots in the fridge? That’s our family! They send you just enough for each meal so you reduce waste and only use what you need. Lastly, the meals are generally pretty healthy and it takes all the guessing out of what to feed the baby for dinner. Win-win-win-win. If you’ve been on the fence about this, I highly, highly recommend it. And if you’re not sure if Hello Fresh would be the right one for you, you can look at comparisons such as home chef vs hello fresh to see which would be of benefit for you and your family!

Here’s $40 to get you started on Hello Fresh.
Don’t forget to use eBates if you’re signing up for the first time to get a $10 credit. Here are some instructions on how to use eBates.

Mealime Meal Planning App

This one came recommended by my sister, but because we’ve been using Hello Fresh I haven’t checked it out yet. Mealime is a meal planning app that lets you select meals for the week. It adds all of the ingredients you’ll need to make a grocery list then it gives you the option to go to Instacart or Prime Fresh to get the groceries delivered to your home.

Target’s Drive-Up Service

We all love a good Target run but if you want to avoid walking out with five candles when all you needed was a box of diapers, this is your jam. Order in the app and park in the designated spot to have your items delivered to your car.

Restaurant Apps like Panera’s Rapid Pickup

I don’t know why it took me so long to get on the restaurant app bandwagon. Rapid Pickup allows you to order in the app and have the food ready when you arrive. Less time waiting in line, more time to devour a French baguette.

Door Dash

For those nights when we just don’t want to cook, even with the convenience of Hello Fresh, Door Dash is a great option. It’s a food delivery service from restaurants nearby. Hoping they will continue to add more options in the future. Here’s $7 to get you started on Door Dash.

Amazon Prime, of course

This one is a no-brainer and I’ve been using it way before I had a baby but I’ve seen its value increase for me every since becoming a parent. I’m super forgetful lately and being able to quickly add something to my cart and receive it in a couple of days has saved me on several occasions like birthdays and holidays.

What are your favorite modern conveniences? Let’s grow this list!