Polka Dots & Yellow

There are so many things I want to say about this outfit with the first one being that I’m pretty excited that it cost $6.50 from head to toe. Secondly, whoever made this dress appreciated womanly curves, and lastly a few days after I bought it at Goodwill, I found a dress almost exactly like it from the Eva Mendes for NY&CO collection. Her dress is no longer available online but it was priced upwards of $70.

I can instantly notice a difference when I switch between young folks clothes and pieces that were made for the 30 + crowd. In addition to this dress, I recently thrifted a few Ann Taylor, Elie Tahari, and Nicole Miller dresses and feel like I could wear them every day, they just fit the way dresses are supposed to. No fussing, pulling or trying to cover up imperfections with belts and cardigans — they simply fit.

{dress, thrifted Goodwill in Akron $4
Shoes, thrifted Goodwill in North Canton $2.50}

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