Photography Tricks: Backgrounds

I spend a lot of time photographing things for my blog. I still have a lot to learn in terms of photo editing but have found a few tricks along the way that help produce a decent photo. A year ago, I shared a post on food photography and now I’m back to talk about backgrounds. A simple clean background can make all the difference in a photo, but finding these backgrounds doesn’t have to be expensive! Here are a few of my favorite background props and some ‘behind the scenes’ photos so you can see them in action.

{Here I used a piece of an old cabinet door that I purchased from Givits Thrift & Recycle for $3 and the $1 white foam board for a white background. See photo of succulents above for final results}

{I also purchased these pieces of wood from Givits for $2 and placed them by the sink for background light. I use these for food photography all the time. See photo of soup}

Have any tricks to share? 

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