Beauty Audit: OPI Drip Dry

There are so many fast drying nail products out, but the best results I’ve found so far is with OPI’s Drip Dry. Nails dry in about 5 minutes.

1. Paint your nails
2. Apply a top coat
3. Wait 60 seconds
4. Apply one drop of OPI Drip Dry per nail with the dropper. 

Loving: R2 Bauer Bootie

I first spotted this R2 Bauer Bootie at a Filene’s Basement during my visit to Chicago last month. I tried, and tried to squeeze my size 7.5 foot into a 6.5 and it just wasn’t going to happen.

Dina’s Delights: Pizza Dough

For the longest time, when my sister would make homemade pizza dough I imagined her preparing and baking all day. Little did I know, homemade pizza dough is one of the easiest and fastest things to make.