Outtakes: Style Photos

This used to be easy to do in high school.  

Although I generally enjoy sharing personal style posts on my blog, I’ve always had mixed feelings about it.  It took me about 3 years of blogging to finally reach a point where I felt comfortable posting my face on my blog. I used to crop my face out of outfit photos because I felt as though it wasn’t about me, it was about the outfit. I realized this was affecting the quality of my photos and opted to show the full picture. The sole purpose of style posts is to share my love for thrift and bargain shopping with the hopes that it will inspire others to thrift shop and embrace their own style, regardless of the size of their bank account.With that being said, style posts are always so polished everywhere on the Internet because we’re so critical of ourselves.  God forbid the “bad” photos of the batch make the final cut. Usually it’s just me, a tripod, and a remote.  However, when my friend Shanie helps me we always have a great time. She says inappropriate things to make me laugh so she can capture a natural smile. So for this week’s “Casual Friday” post, I went through my iPhoto’s trash folder and restored a few photos that didn’t quite make it on Dina’s Days.

From the post: Retro Jumpsuit.  This is not a kissy face pose. This is me talking.I’m not animated or anything. 


Peek a boo. Senior pictures. 
From the post: Long Sleeve Mini Dress.  The self-timer test photos are always a bit creepy. Why the pulling of the hair though?
From the post: Leather Vest. I really have no idea

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a picture to share from this post when I thought it would be a good idea to attempt to shoot a crossbow while taking outfit photos (not my crossbow, obviously) and nearly poked my eye out. My forehead was bleeding and still have the scar over my left eye. I was this close to shooting myself in the eye. If only that could have been captured on camera: a nightgown dress + heels + a crossbow. Whew.

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