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The Last Of The Pastels

I can’t stand “fashion rules” as much as I can’t stand talking to co-workers before 10am – they annoy me.  However, with that being said there are certain things you can’t take with you as the seasons change for obvious reasons. Although I’d like to tell this 95 degree heat to really go kill itself, I am going to miss breezy skirts, light dresses, and soft colors.  As we quickly approach August and fall begins to invade our wardrobes, I am trying to take advantage of the last of the pastels and maxi dresses.

I found this dress at the Salvation Army for $6. It didn’t have a tag in it but someone hand wrote “silk and satin” inside. It’s neither silk nor satin and I’ve never heard of a brand by that name so it kinda looks like someone was trying to pull a fast one. I am absolutely in love with this dress though, the pastel goes well with so many different colors, even the seafoam green on my nails. It kind of reminds me of this dress featured in the 2012 Prada runway collection:

What summer pieces are you going to miss the most?

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