I went to Forever 21 for the first time in probably six or eight months when I was in Tennessee and bought this tribal print peplum top. I was torn between this one and a solid pastel peach but figured this would work well with several looks, including these pink pants. Plus, who am I kidding, I love prints. This outfit was a great transitional look, I wore it with flats during the day and wedged sandals at night. For a super trendy piece, I think it was a pretty good buy. Peplum tops also hide my midsection which is the thickest part of my body #carbs #arabslovebread.

I often find it hard to put a label to my personal style. I’m a huge fan of variety in my life and that goes for everything: food, friends, hobbies, and fashion. I love vintage and retro style but wouldn’t identify myself as strictly in that category because sometimes I’m feeling classic, trendy, boho, edgy, or girly. I think I hate labels. We’ll just leave it at that.

{with flats}
{with wedges}

This weekend was blazing! WOOF. When I wasn’t in my nightgown sitting in front of two fans playing Candy Crush, I enjoyed spending my time at the water park trying to sneak by the 12 year olds in line for the water slides. Speaking of retro, have you ever bowled at Mahall’s 20 Lanes in Lakewood? I love that place! I’ve only eaten there before, but this weekend we checked out the bowling alley. I was talking to the man who works there and he said the bowling alley section of Mahall’s was built in the late 1950s early 60s and it still has that old school feel to it. You should check it out, but make sure you go with someone who knows how to keep score because they don’t have monitors. Told you. Old school. We’ve decided we’re going to become regulars, even looking for some professional bowling shoes. I read the article so I know what kind of bowling shoes I’m looking for. I’m excited to see how far we get with this plan as it’s a pretty nifty one. I’ll keep you guys updated.

{forever 21 top similar here, h&m pants, old shoes, ny&co watch, vintage thrifted bag}


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