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Pant Skirt

I found this Caché pant skirt at the Akron Discovery Shop for $2 and it wasn’t until I went to the fitting room to try it on that I discovered it was a pant skirt and not a maxi skirt. Although a little confused about my find, I still liked the hippie/boho vibe. Is there another name for a pant skirt? I feel like there is but can’t seem to think of what it is. Also, were these popular in the 90s? Because I definitely don’t see many pant skirts around anymore. I’ve been looking at pictures of my mom in the 70s and I’ve fallen in love with the way she used to wear her hair parted down the middle. I’ve been attempting middle part buns and pony tails and it’s proven to be much harder than I thought. I can’t get it smooth in the back without messing everything up, and I was starting to sweat so I gave up and shoved it all through a hair tie and didn’t look back.



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