Exposed Orange Socks

Styling this outfit was a complete accident. My feet were cold in my apartment while I was getting dressed for a birthday dinner with my family so I threw on a pair of orange socks. I  put my jeans on, realized I needed to roll them up a bit, and before I knew it I was out the door with exposed orange socks. There was an antique car show going on downtown, so I received a few odd looks from middle aged white men with thick beards, but I actually ended up digging the unplanned orange sock thing. I wore the shirt with a blazer from the little boys section at the thrift store, a 75 cent purchase, tucked the shirt in at the sides, added some gold accessories, and of course…orange socks.

{thrifted top and blazer, express jeans, target socks, target shoes via Marc’s closeouts} 


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