SUE Dinosaur

I could easily spend hours in the thrift store exploring every corner, so I usually go thrifting alone. I found this SUE dinosaur t-shirt originally from the Field Museum of Chicago in the little boys section at the Village Discount Outlet while thrifting with friends for the first time in a long time. Read the story behind this massive Tyrannosaurus Rex and where the  t-shirt originally came from here! As I went through my regular “clean out cart” routine before I hit the check out lines, I debated over whether I should buy this shirt or not.  I had one friend on my left telling me to put it back ASAP with a look of genuine concern on her face because I even considered buying it,  and my other friend encouraging me to buy it, exclaiming “it’s so cool and only $.75!” Needless to say, I bought it and glad I did.


I wore this to meet Megan at Givits Thrift and Recycle (the coolest place in Hudson) and then out for chai lattes. I initially thought I’d make this look a little feminine with wedged booties, but opted for weekend comfort instead by wearing my gold moccasins.  The shirt collar was practically choking me because, well it’s made for a little boy, so I cut the collar off on my way out of the house. What a difference it made! I could actually breathe. I paired it with a blazer that was part of a band uniform and my  favorite colored denim pants. 

{fake posing and unable to keep a straight face.
Photos and sock bun by Shanie G}



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