Red Jeans & Winter Nautical Stripes

When it comes to ultra trendy pieces, I usually only wear them a handful of times. Red pants, however, have proven to exceed the “three wears” rule and I’m pretty sure my friends are beginning to think I don’t own any other pair of pants.  Colored denim is everywhere now and if you’re considering purchasing a pair, I highly recommend a red or a navy blue. I’ve found that these colors go well with practically anything. I wear them with knee boots, flats, blazers, t-shirts, sweaters, chambray shirts, and here with an oversized thrifted nautical sweater. Wearing the red pumps was a last minute decision and my idea of adding a statement piece to the look. What’s your favorite color for denim?

{H&M trench
$2 Thrifted sweater
Gabriel Brothers pants
$2 Thrifted shoes
Coach charm bracelet via eBay
Thrifted gold chain necklace}
{$2 Evan Picone shoes!Thrift store price tag still attached}


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