Nursery Canvas from Nations Photo Lab

Ever have a specific vision for something and the results exceeded your expectations? That’s what happened with my experience with Nations Photo Lab.

All throughout my pregnancy, I knew I wanted the artwork in the nursery to have some type of personal meaning and connection so I decided to wait for the moment of inspiration to hit. Whitney Houston’s Greatest Love of All has always made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Okay fine, let’s be real: by warm and fuzzy I mean it makes me a blubbering mess every time I listen to it or watch the video. So one day in the middle of my pregnancy, hormones going in full effect and crying in the parking lot of Lowe’s while this song played in my car, I knew I wanted to frame the title of this song for our baby’s room because our love for her is indeed, the greatest love of all.

I had full intentions of DIYing this project so I created the graphic on Canva and it sat there for a several weeks until I learned about the custom canvas prints from Nations Photo Lab. To say I was thrilled to hear about this feature is an understatement. I simply emailed them my file, they sent me a few proofs, we landed on a layout and size, and a shortly thereafter a huge package containing a canvas was sitting on my doorstep ready for a new home in the nursery.

This canvas exceeded my expectations! I would have never been able to achieve this level of professional quality had I printed this graphic and framed it on my own. The colors are extremely crisp, the canvas is solid and durable, and it arrived ready to hang with a saw tooth hanger. For reference, mine is a 24×36 canvas.

I have now decided I love canvas’ and prints and want them everywhere. When the baby is old enough, I think I’m going to get acrylic face mounted prints to go in our study. I think they’ll look so cute and as you already know, I love anything that’s unique and a picture of my baby is certainly unique.

Of course, Nations Photo Lab professional printing features are not limited to custom graphic designs like mine, you can easily get your favorite photos printed on dozens and dozens of items, including metal prints, cards, calendars, ornaments, photo books, and so much more.

Now let’s hope this canvas doesn’t make me cry every time I walk into the nursery and think of this song. Who am I kidding, it probably will.

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