New & Improved Dina’s Days

Welcome to the new and improved Dina’s Days website! One of my goals last year was to finally give this site a face lift and with the help of friends, this project came together better than I imagined. One of my biggest challenges on Blogger was the lack of control I had over my site. Seven years worth of posts were getting buried in an unorganized mess. Now readers can access posts with ease using the categories above. Here are a few things I’m most excited about:

• New categories. In addition to the tabs above, you can narrow down your search by clicking on the categories. For example, click on Fashion. The pink text above the title of each post contains additional posts related to that category. Click on one to narrow down your selection to casual, work wear, formal, vintage, or thriftspired posts to see related posts. Same goes for food, beauty, and more.

• The Akron / Cleveland Thrift Guide. Finally! You can now download a guide to my favorite thrift stores in Northeast Ohio. Simply access it from the sidebar if you’re on a desktop or scroll down if you’re on a tablet or smartphone.

• The new Series tab. Under this tab you’ll find dozens of additional posts that fall within a series, including personal posts, thrift tips, trends I love, and what’s in my Amazon cart.

Travel section. Creating this section has helped me reflect on some of our most memorable trips, while sharing tips for others who love to explore!

Oh, and one more thing! If you’re on an iPhone or iPad, click on the arrow button like you’re going to share the link, except tap on “add to home screen” and you’ll be able to access Dina’s Days right from your screen, just like an app.

A gigantic thank you goes to Nick and Patrick from the OSC Tech Lab for helping me. I ran into Nick and his lovely wife Megan at the Spice Rack one afternoon and I simply mentioned how I’ve been wanting to liven things up on this site for some time. One thing led to another and the next thing I know Nick was devoting entirely way too much of his valuable time to help me navigate the switch from Blogger to WordPress. And if that wasn’t enough, their work space always had snacks.

I hope that you will take a moment to look around and consider subscribing to Dina’s Days below to get posts emailed directly to your inbox. You will only receive a digest of posts weekly. [mc4wp_form id=”3122″]

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