My Favorite Workout Videos

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I disliked working out at home. I would much prefer to go to some of the Tennis Lessons in Kansas City nearby by work instead. I feel like I’m actually doing something then! I feel like I can get a full workout in. I distinctly remember working out to a video years ago in my first apartment and feeling so frustrated that I threw my weight in a fit of rage, (I was a bit of a hot head in my twenties). Luckily, no TVs or bones were broken but that’s when I decided to give up on videos altogether. When my gym membership expired this past fall and I realized I only went a handful of times, something had to give. I kind of wish I had tried a bit more, especially after a friend who goes told me about proper bench press form, but such is life. So I decided to finally give home videos another chance by taking time to research videos and find one that’s right for me. After researching various exercises, like fasted cardio and pilates, I finally found something that worked.

Turns out back in my first apartment days, I wasn’t selecting the right videos for my ability, preferences, or space. I am surprised each day by how motivated I am to work out at home now. It’s actually kinda weird. But it’s because I found something I actually enjoy doing. I enjoy it as well because it’s on my own time and I can do it the way I want from the comfort of my own home. I want to see about getting a fitness tracker to help keep me focused as well, I think it’ll be a huge benefit for my fitness, and I know that Mobile Mob has loads of accessories I can use to personalize it! Anyway, here are the top five cardio videos in my rotation lately:

Kendell Hogan’s videos are so much fun. Zumba frustrates me because I can’t keep up. Kendell has a way of mixing bootcamp-style exercises and dance moves in a routine that’s easy to remember and elevates the heart rate.

I recently found out about The Body Project and love it! These videos are a little more intense than Kendell’s but I like them because they are very similar to the bootcamp and tabata classes I used to take at the gym. Plus, I love that his backup aren’t fake smiling so hard behind him and actually panting like the rest of us.

If you don’t workout to the Fitness Marshall, at least just watch his videos for a good laugh. Besides being an incredible dancer, he’s hilarious. He walks you through a series of dance moves to the latest pop songs for a high-intensity cardio workout. Even if you can’t do all the moves, just dance along at your own pace! These are great for those long days when you can’t fit a full workout into your schedule.

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