Moonstone Magic

I recently learned about, a bohemian style website that carries a stunning variety of handmade, Rainbow Moonstone sterling silver jewelry. I was immediately drawn to the boho styles that reminded me of the jewelry I wore as a pre-teen in the 90s, but the really interesting part was learning a little lesson and getting to know the origin of this stone.

Commonly known to be a healing and balancing gem, Moonstone is an opalescent stone that can either be colorless, peach, pink, green, gray, yellow, brown, and blue. From rings, to pendants, to bracelets, left me oohing and aahing for over an hour trying to narrow down my selections. Because I don’t wear a lot of rings other than my wedding band, I opted for the stunning Moonstone Pendant – Floral Delight from the Moonstone Magic Pendant collection. I absolutely love the play of light on the stone. I wore it all weekend long and it has already proven to be such a great conversation piece. Here’s hoping it brings me positive energy and balance!

Be sure to check out their website, as most of their items are on sale right now!


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