Interviews with Very Important Thrifters: @AbbyShaub

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Almost every thrifter has a story about why and how they started thrifting. For Abby Shaub, it was a high school musical.

We kick off our new interview series with @AbbyShaub, a Canton, Ohio-based thrifter and sustainability advocate. We chat about flexing your thrift muscle, thrifting for kids, why sustainability is important to Abby, and much more.

Our “Interviews with Very Important Thrifters “series spotlights local thrifters and owners of thrift, consignment and antique stores who are all members of the @dinasdays Very Important Thrifter Club. Get episode show notes at Join the VIT Club or the Best Thrifter Friends Forever Club at

Stores mentioned in this episode:

Gerri’s Closet
Baby Land
Goodwill Canal Fulton
Goodwill Jackson Township
Goodwill Waterloo Road
Best Bib and Tucker
Salvation Army Canton