How to Thrift Gifts

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Thrifting gifts is great for your wallet, creativity, and the environment. Keep reading for tips on how and where to thrift gifts online.

Keep a running list at all times

Shop all year round for gifts when you’re out thrifting. See something awesome in January and your friend’s birthday is in September? Buy it and save it for later!

Know your audience

If your recipient is weirded out by the idea of a thrifted gift, stick with items that are new with tags / new in box. If your recipient would appreciate the thought that you thrifted a gift, get creative! Mix and match vintage and new.

Mix and match new items and thrifted items

Sure, we love the idea of thrifting gifts, but we’re not saying it needs to be all or nothing! We love to mix and match new gifts from retail stores with thrifted finds. A great way to add a little extra character to your gift bag.

Keep an eye out for accessories

Gift baskets, boxes, tins, vases, planters, clutches – these are all great accessories that you can find at secondhand stores for your gifts.


Thinking about creating something for a friend? Head to the thrift store to pick up items you can DIY like mugs, frames, and more.

Click here for a more detailed list of gifts you can thrift.

Where to thrift gifts online

Online Thrift Stores to Bookmark:

• Poshmark (get $10 off first order with the code ShopDinasDays)
• Ebay
• Swap
• Shop Goodwill
• ThredUP
• Mercari
• The Real Real
• Tradesey
• Etsy
• Offer Up
• Facebook Marketplace
• Depop
• ASOS Marketplace
• Everything but the House