How to decorate your home with thrift store finds

Decorating our new home has been a blast. We didn’t have to do much in terms of updates, but one of my favorite transformations is in our guest bedroom. It’s incredible what a fresh wallpaper can do for a room. We decided to update the brown paneling with some DIY peel and stick wallpaper that was really easy to apply, and very affordable! They had loads of colors and patterns to choose from but we went for a simple white in order to open the space up. We pulled up the carpet too to expose the beautiful hardwood floors, which instantly made the room feel larger. Hardwood floors are so popular these days and it’s clear to see why. Apparently, it’s important to clean the flooring to remove any footprints or stains from the wooden floors. That’s why most people get the best steam mop for wood floors to ensure they stay in good condition and always look beautiful. Anyway, since we don’t use this space that often, it’s the one room I did not want to splurge on, so I pulled out old thrift and flea market finds that I’ve collected over the years. We considered going for a two and a half men house decor theme for a while, but in the end it scaled back to some of our thrifted finds being brought in instead. It’s so fun to see these items being used in a fresh new space. Nearly everything thing in this room is either thrifted or DIY!

Thrifted Target brand lamp and vintage alarm clock
DIY painted vintage chair and 1979 Seventeen magazine

Update! We had to get a new bed so we went with this platform bed with tufted headboard and we absolutely love it. Lamp was $8 from Goodwill.

Moving and decorating can be expensive. However, there are a handful of items you can almost always count on finding at thrift stores. Decorating with these thrifted finds not only add a little character to your home, but leave room in the budget for you to splurge on big-ticket items. It can also leave some room in your budget to get the right home insurance quote to cover those big-ticket items. My friend told me that can provide some versatile coverage so get started today if you’re in the market for it. Then your lovely upgrades will be covered. Here are a few things you can find at the thrift store to upgrade your home:

Decorative Bowls

Key bowls, coffee table bowls, nightstand bowls – you name it. If you need a bowl for any table around your house, head to Goodwill or your favorite thrift store for endless possibilities.


Thrift stores are bursting at the seams with picture frames in all sizes. Love the size but not the color? Paint it! Even if you DIY a frame, you’re still getting it for a fraction of the retail cost.


Every time I’m tempted to buy a mirror at a regular retail store, I end up putting it back because I always find the most incredible mirrors at thrift stores. My favorite find ever is this large round mirror from Goodwill for $13.

Small Console Tables

These tables are great for entry ways or end tables and despite their small size, they carry large price tags at regular home decor stores. Save a few bucks and search your local thrift store first.

Accent Chairs (aka those chairs you will never actually use)

You can find all sorts of interesting antique chairs at thrift stores. Creating a little decorative nook is always a great way to fill a corner space in a room but why spend hundreds of dollars on a chair you’re rarely going to use? Look for wood, leather, or bamboo chairs at thrift stores. Some of my favorites over the years include a vintage leather chair on wheels, a peacock chair that’s in our sunroom, and two wooden chairs that I spray painted blue and pink that add the perfect amount of color to our guest bedroom.


Most people assume the lamps at thrift stores are no longer in working condition anymore. That’s rarely the case because they are usually tested before they are placed on the sales floor. Bring a light bulb with you and plug that sucker in at the thrift store. Consider spray painting a lamp or adding a vintage style to your space.

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