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How I organized baby’s nursery

When I was about eight months pregnant and getting the nursery together I thought I’d never figure out a plan to get all of the items we were generously gifted at our baby shower. With a little help from my sister, the internet, and through five months of trial and error, we found a system to works perfectly for us. Here’s what we did:

Dresser Storage

I highly recommend a dresser with four to six drawers. We have the monterey dresser in white.

First drawer:

These are the items you will use on a daily basis, that’s why they are in the top drawer.

-Short sleeve bodysuits in the size baby is wearing now. (Ex.newborn, 0-3, etc.)
-Long sleeve cotton pajamas in the size baby is wearing now.

Second drawer:

Long sleeve bodysuits in current size
-Long OR short sleeve bodysuits in the next size up. So if baby is in 0-3 now, this section should have -3-6 month bodysuits. (However, length of sleeves in this drawer depends on the season and weather).

Third drawer: 
Pants and shorts (current size)
– Pants and shorts (next size up)
I roll the pants and use these drawer storage bins.

First drawer on other side
Supplies and essentials, including: diapers, cream, first aid kit, nail clippers, etc.

Second drawer: 

Third drawer:
You really only need about three blankets. You will find you will receive so many if you have a shower. I keep one in my diaper bag, one in the nursery, and one around the house for baby to play on.

TIP!! Use small storage bins INSIDE the drawers. Keeps everything in place and organized. Even if the bin itself gets messy, it’s still more organized than having everything all tangled up inside the drawer. For the dresser that I’m using, these small cubes are the absolute best!

Closet Organization

-Hang dresses, skirts, two-piece outfits, rompers, jackets, etc.

-Hang bodysuits and pajamas baby isn’t wearing now. I use these baby hangers.
When it’s time to wear these bodysuits and pajamas, move them to the dresser. Keep the tags on all of these items! Only wash what baby will wear right now. I don’t like the idea of putting clothing away completely because sometimes babies end up wearing things even if they aren’t the size they are wearing now. For example, I pulled out a bunch of 6 month clothing at the 4 month mark that fit her perfectly. Had I put these items in storage, she would have already grown out of them by six months. Hanging them in the closet but keeping them out of sight works best for us.

TIP!! If you receive a lot of clothes, you’ll be tempted to keep it all.  Keep the tags on and gift receipts because when reality hits and you have what seems like 700 dresses but 3 pajamas, you’re going to wish you didn’t take the tags off those dresses! Try to be as realistic as possible as you’re preparing for baby. You’ll be happy you did in the long run!

-Separate by age and size. I use these closet dividers 

-Keep 1-2 storage bins in the closet to toss clothes that baby isn’t wearing anymore.  Once these fill up, put the ones you want to keep in permanent storage, donate, recycle or sell the rest.

-If you have the space, store your boxes of diapers in the closet. I tape the receipt to the outside in case baby grows out of them before I get to use them. That way I’m not scrambling to find the receipt to return or exchange weeks later.

Storage Bins

I use storage bins for clothing in the dresser, stuffed animals, socks, shoes, wipes, diaper pail refills, bloomers, changing table covers, and sheets. Keep similar items together to avoid having a huge mess in the bin.

Changing Table

Here’s a list of go-to essentials we use several times a day and I keep in a bin on the changing table:

Diaper cream
Diaper cream spatula (this sounds silly, but it’s a game-changer. Seriously!)
Boogie wipes
Nasal suction
Scissors (you will use scissors more than you realize! Cutting tags off clothing, opening boxes, cutting diaper pail bags, cutting tags off toys.)
Coconut oil
Baby lotion



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