Getting out of a style rut

I’ve been in a style rut. Which explains why you haven’t seen as many style posts on the blog lately. I’m usually ready for a change of pace towards the end of summer and this year was no exception. Part of it has to do with the fact that this year is definitely a transitional year for me and although some new approaches seem to be helpful, I’ve been lacking the mental space to be creative. Having “momnesia” isn’t’ helping either. I’ve had a lot on my plate lately and have never been more forgetful in my entire life. Certain things will happen and I’ll have absolutely no recollection that they ever took place. #mybrainhurts.


I pulled out a few pieces I love and created a fall color palette with the hopes that it will inspire me to snap out of my rut. I’ve been into blush pink, burgundy, mustard yellow, and camel this fall and found a few thirfted pieces that I plan on keeping in the rotation.   Sometimes all it takes is one outfit or accessory to get excited about your wardrobe again. I wore this dress all summer with booties and I’m excited to wear it again this fall with jackets and tights. It’s super comfy and honestly feels like pjs!

How do you get out of your style ruts? 

Click here for the exact mustard purse

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