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Final Bumpdate!

The last few weeks of my pregnancy have been a really interesting journey both mentally and physically.  I’m bouncing back from the worst flu virus I think I’ve ever experienced despite having a flu shot.  It hit me hard and fast. I enjoyed about three days of being flu-free until a pulled muscle in my back led to a few late-night emergency visits to the hospital.  All is well now and baby is fine, just trying to steer clear of any germs, heavy lifting, and bending over! Mentally, at about 35 weeks my anxiety was at an all time high and I was starting to feel a bit terrified. Now with just a couple of weeks left, I’m officially ready to issue this baby girl her eviction notice!

How I’ve been feeling

I’ve been sleeping well for the most part. For weeks, anxiety would strike in the middle of the night and I’d be up for hours tossing and turning, manically making to-do lists on my phone of all of the things we need to do before our she arrives. But now that everything is done, I’m sleeping better other than the constant dreams of going into labor. It’s this bizarre feeling knowing that when the clock strikes a certain time, your entire life is about to change. It’s a cocktail of joy, disbelief, and anticipation. Also, heartburn is a SOB and I never knew it was possible to sweat this much – even in single digit temps.


What’s been happening

My family and co-workers threw two of the most incredible and memorable baby showers ever. Both my husband and I felt an overwhelming amount of love and support and we will forever be grateful for all of the gifts and help we’ve received from loved ones near and far! The nursery is ready and I’m excited to share some photos here on the blog when I have the energy.  My bump is big and despite some annoying comments from strangers who ask in a weirdly concerned tone whether I’m having a “big baby” (how about it could be that I’m just 9 months pregnant?) she’s measuring right on track and very active. It’s wild to see my belly move when she kicks.

Food and cravings

I haven’t had any food aversions in my third trimester and no “official” cravings, but chocolate pudding and milk have been my jam lately. And jelly beans? What is that about?  You’d never catch me chugging a glass of milk pre-pregnancy but there’s something so refreshing and filling about it right now! And cereal. So much cereal. I started eating some spicy food with the hopes that it will induce labor!

Funny things

Despite the fatigue, hormones, extreme body changes, and anxiety that pregnancy brings it also presents some hilarious moments. Looking back now,  most of the funny times involved food or crying (or both simultaneously): I cried in the parking lot of Lowe’s because I remembered that Whitney Houston is dead. We actually had to stand outside until I was finished crying.

I yelled to my husband in all seriousness, “I’m naturally a hungry person!” when I was desperately trying to find something to eat at 11pm. For another hungry incident, see the screen shot above. My sister said my stretched belly button looks like a passage that leads to a secret fantasy world like Narnia.  I’ve been nesting so much that I became obsessed with the task of refilling our soap dispensers. I think I talked and thought about soap dispensers and soap refills for about a week.

What I’ve been learning

I’m really starting to feel the fatigue these final weeks bring and have slowed down a lot, which is hard for me because I always have a difficult time asking people for help and feel like I need to do it all on my own. This has been a real, hard lesson for me! Being a generally social person, it’s interesting to feel the urge to want to withdraw and kinda “ghost” for a little while. I’m lacking the energy for anything social lately, both in person and online. The good news is I’ve watched about seven hundred movies (so many rom coms, you guys) and have really enjoyed this resting period.

We also took a couple of classes at the hospital to prepare for baby and we found them to be very helpful. I highly recommend looking into what your hospital offers, especially for first-time parents. We’ve also been watching a bunch of YouTube videos and I read Moms on Call (best parenting book out there).

Baby’s first official thrift score

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Words of wisdom

Winter pregnancy is ROUGH. The layers, the boots, making sure you don’t slip and fall, the flu, the germs – it’s a lot to manage! I would have given anything to be able to throw on a maxi dress and sandals.  If it means sweating my butt off all summer, I’ll take it! I have nothing left to wear so it’s been sweat pants on the weekends (not even leggings, I’m talking highly unflattering boot cut sweat pants) slide-on shoes, and the same couple of maternity pants for work.

I mean, seriously ??? #lbd

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Parting thoughts

Growing this human life in my body has been the greatest gift I’ve ever received.  I often think back to the day I found out I was pregnant and chuckle at the little details and how you go from zero to sixty in a blink of an eye. This has been a beautiful journey filled with highs, lows, lessons, lots of tears (I mean, I watched Steel Magnolias, Wonder, and Up, what do you want from me?) and an incredible new bond with my husband. Thanks for being a part of the journey through this blog. The next update will hopefully be a birth story!




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