When and why did you start blogging?
In 2009, I created Dina’s Days as a place to share my appreciation for thrift stores, flea markets, and any place that requires digging through bins to find a treasure. Dina’s Days not only started as a way to share my secondhand finds with the world, but also to start a critical conversation about the importance and value of sustainable style.

Where’s the best place to thrift?
I complied a list of my favorite thrift stores in NE Ohio. Sign up for my mailing list to get a list of my go-to stores. You can view the full list by joining my Thrifter Club.

What kind of camera do you use? 
I use an old Canon EOS Rebel T3i and a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 Lens. I use an iPhone XR for Instagram photos. Get my photo equipment here.

How did you start your collaboration with Goodwill to host a pop-up in their store? 
Over the last 10 years, I’ve been fortunate to have developed a wonderful relationship with Goodwill Industries of Akron through our Thrift Night Out, fashion events, blogging, and so much more. When they opened their first boutique, called Blue Boutique, Goodwill was gracious enough to invite me to have a pop-up space in their store where I can share my curated collections of some of my favorite vintage and thrifted finds. 

How did you start collaborating with thrift stores? 
After a few years of blogging on Dina’s Days, I began to form relationships with local thrift stores who were looking for collaborative opportunities to reach new customers. I spent a lot of time developing creative and original ideas before approaching companies and brands.  After I began guest blogging for Goodwill Akron and styling collections for Goodwill Cleveland’s fashion shows, my services expanded to offer a wider range of creative ideas and client base.

Now, I work as a full-time independent creative consultant and coach to help brands grow their businesses online. My clients range from thrift stores to interior designers. You can learn more about my consulting business here.

Can I start a Thrift Night Out in my city?
Dina’s Days Thrift Night Out is currently only operating in Ohio, however you’re welcome to think of creative ways to bring people together around thrift shopping in your community. Please note, Thrift Night Out and Thrift Day Out are trademarked to Dina’s Days, so we’d love if you used another name for your event!

Where can I find thrift tips?
Dina’s Days consists of hundreds of posts on thrifting from style tips to home decor. Please use the tabs to browse posts on a specific category or use the search bar for a more refined search. You can also access thrift tips here.

What’s the best website to sell your used clothing?
My online flipping days started back in 2005 on Yahoo Auctions and eBay. Today, I use Instagram , Poshmark, and Facebook Marketplace because the process is so easy.