eShakti Dress

Remember when I mentioned that a dress that fits properly makes a world of a difference? Enter eShakti.  They asked me to select an item and after several days of indecisiveness, I finally decided on this retro inspired dress that totally reflects my style.  It’s great for work and play and the best part is that it fits me perfectly. As if offering sizes 0-38 isn’t enough, they will custom make a dress for you to fit your exact measurements. This takes all the guessing out of whether or not your purchase will fit. I almost went that route but instead referred to the user friendly size chart and determined my size.

There are hundreds of beautiful pieces to choose from for everyone. My dress is no longer available but you can shop some of my absolute favorites including the Her Fifties Colorblock dress.  Dina’s Days readers can enjoy 10% off through July 19 with the code DDYS.




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