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Inside the Mind of Thrifter: All of Your FAQs Answered

Why are thrift stores becoming so expensive? How do you clean your thrifted stuff? What’s your strategy for a quick thrift? This week we’re taking you inside the mind of a thrifter (or Shannon & Dina’s heads) and answer all of your frequently asked questions about thrift shopping. Also in this episode,  Dina talks about how she’s experiencing work-life balance issues and Shannon shares the one thing thrift stores do that will prevent her from going back. Keep reading for links, photos, and more from this week’s episode.

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How to clean your thrift store finds

Thrift & Consignment Stores Mentioned in this Episode:

Dina at Gerri’s Closet

The Future is Thrift! Read the 2019 Secondhand Stats from ThredUp

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