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Episode 7 Show Notes: Can Thriftspiration Make you a Better Thrifter?

In episode 7 of our podcast, titled Thriftspiration: The Magic Formula for Thrifting, we talk about thriftspiration: what it is, how to seek it, and why it’s an essential tool to help you become an effective and creative thrifter. Keep reading for links, photos, and more from this week’s episode:

Links from this episode:

Rhea Lana’s Consignment Event:

We talked about the national consignment event called Rhea Lana. Check out the website to see if there’s one in your area.

Where to seek thriftspiration

We shared our favorite sources of inspiration that help us find great things at the thrift store. Here’s a complete guide to seeking inspiration before you shop.

Googling your outfits

Dina always googles her pieces to see how others have styled them to gain inspiration. Take a walk down thrifty lane and see dozens of thriftspired outfits.

Photos from this episode

Some of the thriftspiration we were seeking from Real Simple Magazine (March, 2019 issue)

Dina’s Thrift Store Anthem