DIY: Spray Paint a Recycled Wooden Chair

My neighbors were having one of those productive weekends and cleaned out what seemed to be 40 years of furniture and knick knack buildup. I sipped tea and watched them from my window like an all star creeper as they hauled stuff to the side of the road for three straight days. Sunday rolled around and I decided to go for a jog. Feeling extra ambitious, I went around the block a second time. Lucky for me my body was in rare form that day because by the time I came around the second time, they had placed this beat up wooden chair on the curb. I slowed my jog down to somewhat of a stalker walk to examine the chair and decided to give in and pick through their trash. I really liked the shape of the chair and felt like it had serious potential. Needless to say, my neighbor was happy to pass her trash on to the crazy person across the street. So I took the chair along with an obnoxiously heavy wall mirror that almost ended up on top of me in pieces as I hauled up to my apartment.

When I took the chair home all I could think of was a bright, sky blue. It matches absolutely nothing in my apartment but I didn’t care.  I love that it’s become somewhat of an accent piece and the bold color actually works well in any room. I also loved the already distressed and aged look and feel to the chair.


How I Did It

This was ridiculously easy and cheap. I picked up a can of Rustoleum spray paint in Harbor Blue from Walmart for about $4, cleaned the chair, and sprayed it all over. It took about 3/4 of a can to fully coat the chair. I didn’t sand it because I wanted to keep the already aged and distressed look to it. I worried that if I didn’t sand the chair the paint wouldn’t dry evenly. It dried better than anything I’ve ever sanded before. It is smooth and glossy too! I highly recommend this brand of spray paint. 

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