DIY Painting a Coffee Table

Part two of my DIY living room project is the painting of the black coffee table to match these chairs. I found this coffee table at Target on mega clearance for $7. At the time I bought it, I had no need for it but the hoarder in me told me to buy it just in case. I’m so glad I did! it’s a great table, clean & sleek! This is what I did and learned while painting this to match the all white decor:

{the table before painting, sanding, and assembly}

I used the same paint and primer as I did on the chairs.

  • a quart of Valspar High Hiding Primer from Lowe’s for about $7
  • a quart of Color Place Semi-Gloss paint in Table Cloth Linen from Walmart for about $10.
  • a pack of 240 sand paper for $2

I sanded  by hand before assembling the table.  I admit, I got lazy and sanded some parts better than others. This totally ruined some areas of the table when I painted it. As I said before, sand evenly and hard. If you start to get lazy, walk away from it and sand when you’re ready. Otherwise, your project is a fail because the paint won’t go on evenly. It’s as simple as that!

Applying the paint
Because the table was black, it needed a lot of coats. I primed it once and gave it four coats of white paint. Don’t panic like I did once you see what it looks like when the paint is applied initially. The paint will look completely different once it dries. I could have even applied a couple more coats but was over it at that point. {Pictured below: the table after one coat of primer}


Let it dry completely for a few days. My apartment was pretty humid where I painted and although  it felt dry to the touch, once I placed some books on the table they began to stick to it. If you’re in a cool, dry area it shouldn’t take very long.


{I also did the same with two end tables}


{amazing rummage sale finds}

I highly suggest applying some type of sealant. I have yet to do this and things still stick to the table sometimes. I took the glass from old picture frames and placed them underneath my coffee table items until I get around to buying some sealant. These don’t leave any type of marks on the table if they stick and don’t peel any paint off either.

All in all it was a semi-successful project and I’m very happy with the results! Not bad for a first time DIY coffee table paint job!

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