DIY Living Room Chair Transformation


Ever since I saw a photo of an all white office with bursts of red in the Domino book of decorating I couldn’t get that image out of my mind. I have a lot of old 1920s style windows all throughout the living room so I felt like the white would really give the room an airy and breezy feel. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this project but wanted to find pieces that had a little bit of charm and character. Here’s what I did:

The Chairs:
I found these chairs for $5 a piece at a rummage sale, they look like they belonged in an office at some point and are pretty comfortable. I wanted some new chairs, but these were perfect and very affordable. Of course, if you can’t find these chairs second-hand, you should be able to find some similar ones in a shop. However, you may have to put them together. Normally, most chairs are assembled with the help of some high tensile bolts that keep the chair secure for long-term use. If you have to assemble the chair, it shouldn’t take too long. Once they’re assembled and look like mine, you can then begin decorating them to look more modern. I figured my chairs would be fairly to easy to paint. I bought:

  • a quart of Valspar High Hiding Primer from Lowe’s for about $7
  • a quart of Color Place Semi-Gloss paint in Table Cloth Linen from Walmart for about $10.
  • a pack of 240 sand paper for $2
I sanded the chairs first. Don’t skip this step! If you have a sanding tool, use it. If not sanding by hand works just fine. Take your time and even it out because sanding makes ALL the difference once you paint. I then applied one coat of primer because this wood wasn’t too dark. I let it dry for a couple of hours then applied my first coat of paint. I let it dry while I sanded and primed the other chair, by then it was ready for another coat. The chairs got a total of three coats of paint.
{the chair after one coat of primer}

I found this fabric at Walmart for $2 a yard and gave it my crafty friend who did an incredible job sewing new covers for the cushions. Shannon was so enthusiastic and helpful and this entire project would have been an epic fail if it weren’t for her. I love her! This fabric isn’t really cushion fabric per say so over time I’m sure the fabric will begin to come apart at the seams, but we will cross that bridge when we get there.

Shannon even made adorable covers for my accent pillows and used a folding trick she found on Pinterest. I truly have an amazing friend.
{the diy pillow project shannon made and the couch that will soon match the rest of the decor!}


Next up, the coffee table DIY project! Stay tuned!

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