Christmas Village Vignette



I spent Saturday afternoon with my best friend Shannon decorating our home for the holidays. I know how to do the basic fill a bowl with ornaments decorating, but Shannon has creative ideas for days. I bought a pack of vintage-inspired bottle brush village trees  and searched Pinterest for inspiration on how to build little villages. Nothing really struck out at me but I figured when Shannon came over, we’d come up with something together. If only there was a recording of the moment we threw this vignette together. The OMGs were plentiful. We literally put this together is about five minutes, and the best part: it’s almost all thrifted.

What you need:
A decorative glass bowl (the thrift store has dozens of these)
Baking soda or powder (this will be your snow)
bottle brush village trees
A berry or pine wreath

What you need to do:
Fill the bowl with baking soda or powder
Place the trees and ornaments in the powder or soda to create a village. We’ve found it helps to place things in odd numbers.
We placed the bowl in the center of a berry door wreath.


You can find all of these things at your local thrift or dollar store. Or better yet, even that box of holiday decorations in your basement. I smile every time I walk by Frankie the Snowman.

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