DIY Canister

I never know what to do with candle glasses and lids after the candle has burned all the way through, so I keep them around the house feeling too guilty to throw them out yet hoarding useless glasses hoping one day I’ll think of something to do with them. I actually thought about this project long and hard and couldn’t think of anything.  The end result turned out to be a somewhat unplanned – I was looking for super glue in my kitchen junk drawer when I came across the old hardware from this desk and thought, well duh! Make canisters out of these glasses! This project was so much fun for several reasons: it was practically free, I recycled the old glasses, and they look pretty!



What you need:

The glass of a candle + lid ( I used Bath & Body Works candles)
Small knobs (Check out Home Depot for an endless options and inexpensive prices, as low as $1 per knob)
Super glue
Spray paint (optional, I spray painted my knobs because they were old and rusted. You can also spray paint the lid)


What you need to do:

To remove the candle from the glass completely, freeze it for a few hours then pop the candle right out. Use a knife to scrap the wick base out. Wash the glass with soap and warm water.

Spray paint the knob or lid if you choose to.

Super glue the knob to the center of the lid and let it dry for 24 hours. It’s not a bad idea to place something over the knob to secure it on the lid as it’s drying, like a book or plate.

After the knob has dried and is completely secure, fill your glass up with anything you like! Candy, cotton balls look pretty!



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