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Dina’s Days has a podcast!

We launched a podcast! Allow Us to Re-thriftrodeuce Ourselves is a podcast I co-host with my long-time friend and thrifting companion, Shannon. After nearly ten years of blogging about thrift shopping, it was time to take the conversation to a new platform, and re-thriftroduce myself, if you will. Shannon and I love to thrift, and if there’s one thing thrifters love more than finding gems, it’s talking about finding gems. I’ll still be blogging here and instagraming at @dinasdays, I just added a podcast to the mix.

Your hosts!

Every week, we will share our stories, tips, thrifted finds, and whatever random thing happening in our lives at the moment. Although we take thrifting seriously, we try to keep things pretty light and not take ourselves too seriously #lotsoflaughs.

We drop the first episode January 10, but you can listen to the trailer here. We hope you’ll join us on our newest thriftventure!

How to listen to the podcast:

Download where ever you listen to podcasts. Search for Allow Us to Rethriftrodeuce Ourselves on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Google Music (search for the entire title) and be sure to subscribe! You can also listen right here on the blog. Click on the Podcast tab in the menu and browse episodes.

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