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Decorating a Bookcase

I’m not even going to lie, I am the nosiest person when it comes to other people’s bookcases. You can learn more about a person by simply poking through their bookcase than any other area of their house (not that I poke around people’s houses).  I love them. Not only do they display our favorite reads but our beloved treasures as well. They are both functional and a way of saying,”hello, nice to meet you.  Bet you didn’t know that I love ugly porcelain cats spray painted sky blue.” When I moved into an old place with built in bookshelves I spent so much time thinking about how I wanted to decorate them. This might sound crazy to some people, but I obviously have a thing for knick knacks and think that if you have a collection of great books, why not display them nicely? Months later, I am still not finished partially because I can hardly reach the top shelf and because it’s an ongoing process. I switch things around all the time. I’m no decorating pro, so naturally I consulted Pinterest for tips while decorating and learned a few things through trial and error:

I love to group books together by color. Stacking books on top of each other mixes things up a bit.

Who said that you need to buy bookends? Try this DIY or find some items around your house that could work as a bookend. I love leaning frames. In my white living room bookcase, I have frames leaning instead of hanging. Here, I framed a special card from a special friend and leaned the frame against the wall.

What? You don’t own a sky blue porcelain cat? Grouping similar items together maintains a cohesive feel and is a great way to display a small collection. See more about starting and displaying a collection here.

This was done by complete accident and I was happy with the results. I love this yellow plate and wanted it on display somehow so I leaned it up against the back of the shelf. It added the perfect amount of color and acts somewhat of a backdrop. It also worked well with my autumn decor.

There really isn’t one way to decorate your bookcase. It should represent you and what you like, but there’s plenty of inspiration out there that can help you organize things.

What tips do you have on accessorizing a bookcase?


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