City Spotlight: Dance Dance Party Party


A few weeks ago I shared a post about dancing as a workout following my first failed attempt at Zumba class. I did go back to class and found it a lot easier the second time around, but what I’ve also discovered is something I’ve been looking for all along.

Dance Dance Party Party is basically an all girls dance party. The group meets the 1st, 3rd and 5th Friday of every month and is restricted to females only. The idea is straight forward: let loose, and dance to great music for an hour. I love the simple concept from the website “No booze, no boys, no judgments.” 

I was very excited! Although, I’m not going to lie, I wish that it did provide some alcohol because it would just make the experience even better. Now that I’m past the age of needing to buy fake id just so I could get my hands on booze at the club or at the shop, I enjoyed drinking it when I could, and what’s better than having a splash of alcohol whilst dancing? It will almost feel like you are in the club yourself. But anyway, I’m just looking forward to getting my boogie on.

I went to my first DDPP event last week and had a blast. It wasn’t as awkward as many people think, it actually wasn’t awkward at all.  The lights were turned down low in the studio while tunes from Lee Dorsey to Rihanna  played from a playlist which made it impossible for anyone to feel uncomfortable and not dance. 

My favorite thing about DDPP besides the fact that you’re able to just straight dance for an hour with no boys trying to grab and practically hump you on the dance floor is that you can sign up to be the DJ for that week. You simply create a playlist with your favorite beat thumping songs and share it with the other members when it’s your week.  It’s also much cheaper than any outing I’ve had in a while:  only $2 a visit {feel free to put more in the money box if you’re feeling generous.}

I appreciate how consistent the creators of the Akron DDPP are with updating their blog with a song database, previously used playlists and much more. You can find DDPP chapters in other cities as well. Chicago is where it all started, but there are also chapters in NYC, Toronto, and Boston. Click here to visit the Akron Chapter and here to see if there’s a DDPP in your city. 

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