Wood Bowls & Floral Fabric

My plan was to take a week off from blogging to spend time focusing on a few major projects, but I couldn’t resist sharing recent finds from a quick thrift run. I went to the Village Discount Outlet to look for glass jars for pantry storage and was thrilled to find two things on my spring thrift wish list:
Wood bowls and a floral tablecloth.


How is it time for Thrift Thursday again? I feel like I just wrote the post on last week’s 75 cent sunglasses. For this week’s thrift feature, we’re going as low as 40 cents.

Ohio Love

Every time I set a short time limit for a thrift stop, I always find something that’s one of a kind and very special.

Floral Mugs

I picked up this set of four porcelain floral mugs at the Montrose Salvation Army for $.50 a piece. This store is one of my all time favorite thrift shops.

$7 Platforms

I found these platform sandals at the Hartville Goodwill for $7. Wooden shoes tend to be pretty uncomfortable and these can be too if I wear them for an extended period of time.