How is it time for Thrift Thursday again? I feel like I just wrote the post on last week’s 75 cent sunglasses. For this week’s thrift feature, we’re going as low as 40 cents. If you’re in the mood for a random book search, visit your local thrift shop asap! You never know what kind of book you will find.

Thrift Thursday: Vintage Sunglasses

I couldn’t help but think of the Thrift Shop song writing this post because I totally stole your grandpa’s grandma’s style when I bought these sunglasses. That’s OK though, because for $0.75 I’ll steal your great-grandma’s style too.

Ohio Love

Every time I set a short time limit for a thrift stop, I always find something that’s one of a kind and very special. I gave myself 15 minutes to run into the Village Discount Outlet before heading to the gym one day and walked out with this $2 Ohio wall hanging.  I drew a heart to represent the placement of Akron on the Ohio map and added this find to my living room wall collage.

Floral Mugs

I picked up this set of four porcelain floral mugs at the Montrose Salvation Army for $.50 a piece. This store is one of my all time favorite thrift shops. It’s packed with wall to wall vintage gems and the prices are ridiculously low. I really hope they don’t start raising their prices like some other local thrift shops I frequent.

$7 Platforms

I found these platform sandals at the Hartville Goodwill for $7. Wooden shoes tend to be pretty uncomfortable and these can be too if I wear them for an extended period of time. However, this is the perfect shoe for a summer maxi dress. I can’t wait to wear them again this spring.

It was dark by the time I got home from work so I had to get a little creative while taking these photos.

Thrifted Treasures

I usually don’t post “thrift hauls” on my blog simply because I thrift too much and it would just be excess.  Recently however, I stopped by the Brook Park Goodwill and spent 2.5 hours discovering one treasure after the next, that I feel compelled to share some (mind you, there’s still more) of my finds with my fellow second- hand fanatics.