Stores I Love: Thriftique Showroom

I recently learned about this gem of a store in Bedford Heights after working with the National Jewish Council of Women in Cleveland and attending their Designer Dress Days event. I will definitely be adding this to my Cleveland thrift route!

It’s half thrift store, half upscale resale boutique

Hence the clever name, Thriftique Showroom.

Holiday Shopping at The Discovery Shop in Akron

I spent most of Sunday afternoon shopping the Home for the Holidays open house event at the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop in Akron. The store was filled with new items and happy shoppers! I was shopping for three things: an outfit I can work for work or play, a gift, and holiday decor.

Duped: How to spot fakes at the thrift store

So many of us have been there, we spot a designer bag at the thrift store, our heart skips a beat, only to find out it’s a fake. Soul crushing! I’m not big on designer logo bags but I love a nice quality, classic bag. I tend to shop online with sites like when looking for a luxury bag because then I know I’m getting the real deal.

Releasing our Emotional Attachment to Material Things

Podcast: Play in new window
As thrifters, does the thrill of the hunt make us feel more attached to our things? What does “letting go” look like for thrifters? Are we more or less attached to emotionally attached to our material things in this age of Instagram and social media? Also, Shannon challenged Dina to see if she can find her donations on the Goodwill sales floor.