Thrifting our Favorite Decades

One of the greatest things about thrifting is reveling in nostalgia.

Take a walk down thrifty lane with us as we share some of our decade favorites over the years. This month we’re inviting you to share a thrifted find from your favorite decade for the 12 Months of Thrifting Challenge.

This episode is sponsored by Goodwill Akron.

Gifts You Can Thrift

Thrifiting gifts is great for the environment, your wallet, and your creativity. Here are some ideas you can thrift this holiday season.

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Stocking Stuffers

Look for things like: board books, jewelry, small toys, clutches, wallets, travel games, art supplies.

Thrift Find: Vintage Colorful Sweater

Freezing outside but always inside the thrift store. Also, 8 year old Dina would approve of this sweater.

Did you wear wild things as a kid? I had the quirkiest style as a 7 and 8 year old. I used to love neon, vests, and matching my socks to my turtlenecks. Truthfully, not much has changed

Spotted this sweater at the Goodwill in Cuyahoga Falls.