Thriftspired by: Ashley Graham

Thrifticating Ashley Graham’s look was as easy as $2 + $4 +$7!
This outfit was a head to toe thrifted look and affirms my love for black and brown together. I always spot leather skirts at the thrift store, similar to Ashley’s here but I opted for a more practical one for work and every day wear.

Thriftspired by: Olivia Palermo

I love seeking everyday, wearable outfits inspired by my favorite celebrity style crushes. It’s fun to challenge myself to find the pieces at the thrift store and mix them with pieces I already own. ย It’s a great way to stay focused and have a specific purpose when you’re shopping secondhand.

#12MonthsofThrifting: Thrifting a Striped Shirt

We’re moving right along into month two of the #12MonthsofThrifting challenge. This challenge is designed to help you build a thrifted wardrobe, piece-by-piece over the upcoming year. Each prompt represents a staple item you can wear for seasons to come. Last month, we set out to thrift a cozy sweater. You can read all about it here.

Closet Organization Tips on Fox 8 Cleveland

I was back on Fox 8 Cleveland this morning sharing my favorite closet organization tips. For links to purchase items or to read all of the tips mentioned in the video, read the posts here. Thanks to Fox 8 for inviting me back! You can also watch the video on their website here.

12 Months of Thrifting

This year, I’m kicking off a series with Goodwill Akron called 12 Months of Thrifting that will break down the art of thrifting for new thrifters and will help you build a wardrobe of thrifted essentials you can wear season after season.

Thrifting 101: Shopping Smarter

Brand new shoes at the Goodwill in Jackson Township for only $6

When you shop at places like Goodwill, you’re already a smart and thrifty shopper. But believe it or not, there are tools you can use to become an even smarter thrift shopper. Last month, I mentioned that one of the keys to finding good deals is to shop often but not necessarily buying things every time.

What Do All Great Thrift Stores Have in Common?

I try to visit as many thrift stores as I can and have an ongoing list of local favorites, but what makes a thrift store a ‘good’ one? As a long-time thrifter who actually enjoys a bit of chaos and loves to dig to find a good deal, there are some stores that really don’t do it for me.