12 Months of Thrifting Challenge

Welcome back to the 6th edition of the 12 Months of Thrifting Challenge. The goal of this challenge is to help you build a home or wardrobe of thrifted essentials, month by month.

Secondhand Holiday Gift Ideas for Adults

Want to save money and reduce waste this holiday season? Save this secondhand holiday gift guide for the next time you’re out thrifting, and be sure to check out my other guide for 8 places to shop secondhand this

8 Places to Shop Secondhand This Season

Looking to save money or reduce waste this holiday season? Thrift your gift! Here are eight places you can find secondhand gifts this season. Remember: secondhand doesn’t always mean USED.

Gifts You Can Thrift

Thrifiting gifts is great for the environment, your wallet, and your creativity. Here are some ideas you can thrift this holiday season.